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Once upon a time there was no radio, no CD, no MP3. Music was played once a week at church or, on special occasions, in squares or private houses. Photography, cinema and TV were not yet invented, when in Paris, London, Berlin and some other European cities 19th century people were attracted by a new entertainment called Diorama, a popular optical mass media. The Diorama was a transparent 22 x 14 metres large size painting displayed in an opera- or theatre-like building. As non of these entertainments have survived, DIORAMANEA now tries to fill the gap. DIORAMANEA is a 1 : 8 scale model project of the original Diorama; its name is a fantasy term for the new (nea) Diorama. The painting is a highly romantic subject. It is an edutainment tool which is meant to explain a 19th century viewing habit to a 21st century zapping public. Unlike today's fast audiovisual stimulation, the viewing habit of the 19th century was a slow-motion experience, presenting an ideal and true image of the near and far away world.

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