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DIORAMANEA as a model refers to the original Diorama, an opera- or theatre-like building and optical entertainment or even edutainment of the 19th century. Unlike theatre and opera most of the performances however were without actors, singers or orchestra. Instead, large size transparent scenic paintings were displayed. It was not a projector but just daylight from the front or rear side of the building which would create spectacular motion effects in the painted landscape or architecture. People in Paris, London or Berlin and other European cities who could not afford travelling abroad were taken away by illusion, e.g. to a Swiss landscape at night, and would witness the horrible landslide on Goldau in 1806. However, as its effects depended fully on daylight, the Diorama sometimes had to cancel performances for lack of light in winter or due to bad weather. To watch DIORAMANEA means to watch through the eyes of a child but with the skill of adult abstraction, understanding the historical absence of today's visual technology.